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100% Curcuma longa root powder 
60 capsules = 500 mg.

Turmeric is a plant (Curcuma longa), native to South India and Indonesia that has many health benefits. The root been used from antiquity as a condiment in Asian cooking such as curries, as a textile dye, and medically as an aromatic stimulant. It is a common ingredient in Indian food, such as curry powder, and yellow mustard. An extract from turmeric root called curcumin has become quite popular with articles in major magazines and newspapers due to its various health benefits. Pure turmeric powder has a curcumin concentration of 3 percent by weight, however there are other beneficial substances in the powder. Extracts with a higher concentration of curcumin are available. There are estimates that people in India consume about 2 grams of turmeric a day which provides roughly 100 mg of curcumin. Some scientists think that the regular ingestion of this spice is partly to be credited for the reduced rate of Alzheimer's disease in India.

Directions: 3 times daily. 1 capsule after meal.

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